Technical Tours
Friday, November 17, 2023
1:30 PM – 6:00 PM

Participants will be responsible for their own transportation to the lab tours. The labs and the Boston Park Plaza are accessible to the The local Boston Subway System (The T).

Harvard Tours/LIGO Tour/Prof. Sangbae Kim Lab

These tours have limited participation numbers, so pre-registration is required. Review the description of the tours and if you would like to visit one of these labs, follow the instructions for registration.

MIT Lab Tours

General Directions:

Total walking time between the Kendall/MIT MBTA stop to any of the MIT labs will range from about 12-18 minutes. Total walking time between MIT labs is about the same.

From the Boston Park Plaza Hotel → MIT Campus

  1. Walk to Park Street MBTA Station (~15 mins). Take Red Line T towards Alewife to Kendall/MIT stop (~6 mins). 
  2. Walk to Arlington MBTA Station (~3 mins). Take B/C/D/E Green Line T towards Government Center (if B/C), Union Square (D), or Medford/Tufts (E) (~5 mins). Transfer at Park Street to Red Line T. Take Red Line towards Alewife to Kendall/MIT stop (~6 mins).
  3. If arriving by car, allow for about ~10-20 minutes of driving depending on traffic.

Alexander Slocum Lab

Details: Tours between 2:30-4:30pm. No limited enrollment.
Location: Milkdrop Shop, MIT Building N52 Room 318k.
Directions: The tour will be in the OLD MIT Museum Building N52 on the 3rd floor. Enter the door labeled red in the photo. Walk up a short flight of stairs and go through the door. On your left is a set of elevators. Take the elevator to the third floor, exit right, and the space is down the hall on the left. If arriving for the tours at 2:30pm, please meet outside.

Description: The MIT Electric Vehicle Team is a student team on campus to focuses on research and development into green vehicles. The team’s latest project is to test the ability of Hydrogen, especially used in Fuel-Cells, to be an alternative power source for light-duty, mobility applications. The team is advised by Professor Alex Slocum and the Precision Engineering Research Group, as is affiliated with the Mechanical Engineering Department, the MIT Energy Initiative, and MIT’s D-Lab. (
Contact: Adi (

David Trumper Lab

Details: Tours between 2:30pm-4:30pm. No limited enrollment.
Location: 35-030
Description: The Precision Motion Control Lab at MIT conducts research in the design of electromechanical systems for precise positioning applications such as semiconductor photolithography, high-speed machine tools, and scanned probe microscopy.  Our group’s strengths in electro mechanics, controls, and mechanical design complement the more traditional mechanical engineering disciplines to allow us to develop novel machines, actuators, and sensors for advanced manufacturing processes.

Anastasios John Hart Lab Tour

Details: Tours between 2:30pm-4:30pm. No limited enrollment.
Location: 35-418A
Directions: The lab will be in a corridor behind a locked door, so when arriving please meet adjacent to the Building 35 elevator on the 4th floor.
Description: The MIT Mechanosynthesis Group, led by Professor John Hart, aims to advance the science and technology of manufacturing, which is essential to the continued and sustainable growth of our world. Our focus areas include additive manufacturing, carbon nanomaterials, roll-to-roll processing, printed electronics, and resource-efficient sensors and diagnostic devices.

Martin Culpepper Lab Tour

Martin Culpepper Lab Tour
Details: Tours between 2:30pm-4:30pm. No limited enrollment.


Our lab’s research focuses on the invention, design and fabrication of high-performance machine systems that, make (e.g. manufacturing, rapid prototyping, fixturing), move (e.g. robotics, motion stages, mechanisms), or measure (e.g. instrumentation, telescopes).

The easiest way to get in is through the door to the right of the building 35 loading dock. It’s up a couple stairs and opens into the stairwell. Once you go down the stairs, it’s the first door along the hallway. We’ll likely have the door propped open.

Contact: Laura Rosado (