ASPE Student Chapters

The ASPE Student Chapter at the University of North Carolina – Charlotte is a graduate organization hosted at Duke the Centennial building. It is sponsored by two mainframes in the world of precision engineering; the Center for Precision Metrology (CPM), which is the first in rank internationally, and the American Society for Precision Engineering (ASPE), which is a worldwide pioneer in this field. Its activities are so wide and expanding, covering academic, professional, social, and even sport activities.

The ASPE Student Chapter at the University of Rochester is a graduate student organization that fosters a collaborative research environment to build a network of students from different departments and fields within the precision engineering community.  The Chapter provides a monthly forum for graduate students to present their current research and practice professional communication.  The organization is also committed to engaging the Rochester community in the precision engineering activities at the University of Rochester.

The ASPE Student Chapter at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology is a graduate student organization that fosters a community of students centered around the area of precision engineering.

The ASPE student chapter at The University of Texas at Austin intends to advance the ideas involving precision engineering – a discipline that encompasses the design, development, manufacturing and metrology of high-accuracy components, instruments, and machines. The student community is dedicated towards brainstorming efficient solutions, creating a robust knowledge base and fostering a collaborative research environment to address challenges involving precision engineering. The chapter is also committed to introduce undergraduate communities to the fundamental concepts of precision engineering through talks, forums and research projects.