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      If you’re the victim of domestic violence abuse or have been wrongfully accused by your ex-spouse or partner, you must know your rights and consequences during this time. To maximize your chances of getting justice, consult with an experienced domestic violence lawyer Orange County.

      Attorney Binoye Jos is a certified family law specialist who works tenaciously to obtain justice for his clients. If you’re the victim of abuse, we can obtain protection orders and take other measures to protect you and your loved ones. If you’re wrongfully framed, we can provide aggressive representation to defend you against false accusations in court.

      Our attorneys have two decades of experience in providing high-quality guidance and representation to clients in domestic violence cases. Whether you’re a victim or have been maliciously framed for domestic violence, Jos Family Law can protect your rights throughout the process.

      How can our Attorneys Help?

      Our domestic violence lawyer in Orange County can manage the whole process for you including:

      · We can obtain temporary and permanent protective orders for the victim against the accused.

      · We can also defend the accused against a restraining order.

      · Defend the accused against wrongful charges.

      · Minimize the charges levied against the accused.

      Contact the Law Office of Binoye Jos for Legal Support

      The law office of Mr. Binoye Jos offers experienced legal guidance and representation for family law cases. With offices throughout Southern California, we’re devoted to ensuring our client’s success and are here to guide them through every step along the way.

      We aim to resolve all matters so that you can move on with your family. For more information, call us at (714) 733-7066 to start on a new journey in your life.

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