ASPE 2022 Precision Optical Metrology
Winter Topical Meeting & Workshop

Tentatively scheduled for: February 20th -23rd, 2022
Tucson, Arizona, USA

This meeting brings together specialists and practitioners from industry, government, and academia in an ideal forum for the exchange of ideas. We will follow the highly successful workshop format enjoyed in past meetings, with an emphasis on discussion in a relaxed atmosphere. The scope of this meeting is to showcase optical metrology and precision engineering.

Meeting Organizers

Jonathan Ellis, Clerio Vision
Peter de Groot, ZYGO
Richard Leach, U. of Nottingham
Cristina Canavesi, LighTopTech Corp.

Technical Committee

Vivek Badami, ZYGO
Felipe Guzmán, Texas A&M
Eberhard Manske, TU Illmenau
Kate Medicus, Ruda-Cardinal
Christof Pruss, U. of Stuttgart/ITO
Joanna Schmit, 4D Technology
Rong Su, Shanghai Inst. Opt. & Mech/CAS