ASPE 2021 Summer Event Tutorials

Tutorial Session 1A & 1B | 1:00 P.M. EST – 3:00 P.M. EST

Tutorial 1A: Introduction to Structured Light Metrology
Dr. Song Zhang – Purdue University

Topics to be covered in this tutorial:

  • Overview of various 3D optical surface imaging methods
  • Basic principle of triangulation techniques
  • Mathematical modeling of structured light system
  • Practical considerations of structured light system calibration
  • Fundamentals of various structured light techniques •Recent advancements in the field
  • Some practical applications of structured light techniques

Tutorial 1B: Can it be made? The Transition from Optical Design to Lens in Hand
Dr. Kate Medicus – Ruda-Cardinal Inc.

Topics to be covered in this tutorial:

  • How many parameters are required to specific an optic for manufacturing?
  • What aspects of optics are easy, difficult, or downright impossible to manufacture?
  • How can we make a design more manufacturable?
  • What is it about glass anyway?
  • Block Tolerancing in optics? Is it possible?
  • Why are there so many nit-picky details? The special cases.

Tutorial Session 2A & 2B | 3:30 P.M. EST – 5:30 P.M. EST

Tutorial 2A: Signal Processing and Analysis for Optical Systems
Dr. Felipe Guzman – Texas A&M University

We will discuss optical measurement systems and methods for their signal processing, design, and analysis, including noise sources:​

  • Time and frequency analysis: Allan deviation, spectra, and spectral densities​
  • Modulation and demodulation: lock-in and phase measurements​
  • Typical noise sources in laser interferometers: noise identification, propagation, coupling and mitigation strategies​

Tutorial 2B: Assembly and Alignment of Opto-Mechanical Systems
Dr. Eric Buice – Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

This tutorial will provide an introduction to assembly and alignment techniques for opto-mechanical systems.

Topics to be covered:

  • Brief introduction to design principles and considerations for effective system alignment and assembly
  • Opto-mechanical mounting and alignment techniques of single optical lenses and mirrors
  • Opto-mechanical assembly and alignment techniques of multiple optical lenses and mirrors