Shawn P. Moylan (National Institute of Standards and Technology)

Title: “Standing on the Shoulders of Giants: AM Machine Performance Characterizations”

Description: Machine performance evaluation is vital for objectively demonstrating that a machine can meet specifications, standards and quality management systems, and for allowing users to make informed decisions on how to best use their resources. Although additive manufacturing offers relatively new ways to produce parts, the methods used to evaluate the performance of these machines can build off expertise developed in other applications, especially in precision machine tool metrology. Users have a variety of options to evaluate the performance of their machines, from building and measuring a test artifact, to measuring individual machine components, to somewhere in between. Rigorous methods and best practices particular to additive manufacturing machines are being formalized, but much is already known and users can leverage this knowledge to realize their own unique methods that meet their specific applications and requirements. 

Biography: Shawn Moylan is a Mechanical Engineer and Project Leader at the National Institute of Standards and Technology. His research career has focused on precision measurements of manufacturing equipment, ranging from micromachining to multi-axis coordinated motion, and, more recently, to additive manufacturing machines. He is an internationally recognized leader in the advanced manufacturing standards community, especially ASTM Committee F42 on Additive Manufacturing Technology, ISO/TC261 Additive Manufacturing, and ASME Council on Standards and Certification.  He is also on the advisory board for the Additive Manufacturing Standardization Collaborative, a joint effort among ANSI and America Makes.