**ASML Student Scholarship information and application** – Deadline passed.
With the generous support of the ASML company, we have 12 student scholarships awarded to students who submitted and were selected to present a paper at the 2020 ASPE Spring Topical Meeting on the Design and Control of Precision Mechatronic Systems.

With generous support from IOS, each student winner will receive a copy of The Design of High Performance Mechatronics.
For more information about the book:
Mikroniek 2020-1 – News (High Performance Mechatronics)
The Design of High Performance Mechatronics – 3rd Revised Edition

Congratulations to our 2020 ASML Student Scholarship Winners:

Paper Title: Low-Cost, High-Dynamic Range Position Sensing Enabled by Oversampling and Averaging
Author: Brij M. Bhushan

Paper Title: Thermally Stable Precision Motion and Positioning Mechanism
Author: Heebum Chun

Paper Title: Heuristically Optimized H-Infinity Synthesis for the Real-time Positioning of a Tip-based Measurement Device
Author: Liam G. Connolly

Paper Title: Vibration Mitigation on Precision Ball-Screw Feed-Drives Through Data-Driven Tuning of Trajectory Pre-Filters
Author: Alper Dumanli

Paper Title: Achieving High-speed and High-precision Extrusion 3D Printing Through Advanced Mechatronic Design and Control
Author: Nosakhare Edoimioya

Paper Title: Design and Control of a Linearly Thermal Actuation System
Author: Chunjie Fan

Paper Title: Variable Resolution FFF Printing Using Variable Orifice Extruder System
Author: Osama Habbal

Paper Title: Closed-loop Suspension and Rotation of A Spherical Permanent Magnetic Dipole Actuator
Author: Tyler T. Hamer

Paper Title: Combined Feedforward Tracking Control and Feedrate Optimization – with Application to a 3-D Printer
Author: Heejin Kim

Paper Title: Adaptive Feedforward Control of a Flexure Based Hexapod
Author: Sil Spanjer

Paper Title: A Novel Position Sensing System for Bearingless Motors
Author: Benjamin Stone Weinreb

Paper Title: Model and Controller Design for High-speed Atomic Force Microscope Imagine and Autotuning
Author: Fangzhou Xia