Session 5: Replicated Optics

Thursday, November 4
1:30 PM – 3:00 PM
Session Chair: Jim Nelson, 3M Company

Oral PresentationsAuthors
Single Point Diamond Turning of CVC SiC Using the Micro-LAM ProcessShahinian, H., Micro-LAM
Zhong, Y., Micro-LAM
Bodlapati, C., Micro-LAM
Turnbull, R., Micro-LAM
Navare, J., Micro-LAM
Mohammadi, H., Micro-LAM
Simulation and Comparative Metrology of Diamond Dies, Metal Molds, and Replicated Microlens Arrays for Mass FabricationEaton, P., North Carolina State University
Pankow, M. , North Carolina State University
Furst, S.J., Smart Material Solutions
Cates, N., Smart Material Solutions
Micklow, L., Smart Material Solutions
Metrology of Ultra-High Precision Stamped Metallic Optical Mirrors for Photonics Packaging and Ultraviolet LED applicationsChen, Y., CoduForm Inc.
Johnstone, R., CudoForm Inc.
Hii, K., CudoForm Inc.
Vallance, R. R., CudoForm Inc.
Precision in Roll-2-Roll Printed Electronics: KeynoteSpaan-Burke, T., IBS Precision Engineering
Spaan, H., IBS Precision Engineering
van der Nolle, R., IBS Precision Engineering
de Vries, J., IBS Precision Engineering
Daneshkhah, B., IBS Precision Engineering
Felius, M., IBS Precision Engineering
Single-Point Diamond Turning of Features with Large Azimuthal SlopeSohn, A., Facebook Reality Labs
Naples, N., Facebook Reality Labs