Tenth Annual ASPE Student Challenge

Two-Sensor Position Control Challenge

The tenth Annual ASPE Student Challenge is to develop a dual feedback control system that can accurately position an object in the direction of motion. 

The dual feedback system will provide a long-range (~10 mm) motion stage with position measured using a linear encoder. Participants will be tasked with optimal assembly and alignment of a laser interferometer to provide fast, high resolution, measurement of a mirror stage that is mounted onto the long-range moving platform. Details of the mirror stage assembly kit will be provided prior to registration.  

The Challenge will require students to use their knowledge of control systems, feedback loops, and other related topics to develop linear positioning of the mirror and an error budget. The challenge will be judged based on the accuracy of the system (including fusion of the two displacement sensors), its ability to dynamically control the position of the mirror, and assembly of the process to minimize alignment and temperature errors.

Performance evaluation at the Annual Meeting will use a calibrated interferometer measuring displacement from the back face of the mirror. All the parts will be provided, but teams will need to use their own myRIO controller. Optional tutorials will be provided, including examples of controls (including their code) and an introduction to the laser interferometer to be assembled by the student teams.