Poster Sessions

Poster Session 1
Wednesday, October 12, 2022
1:30 PM – 3:00 PM

Aerospace Engineering

  1. Monitoring and Analysis on Aircraft CFRP Drilling Process
    Song Hyeon Ju, Hae-Jin Choi (Chung-Ang University); Jong Wan Ko, Seong Hyeon Kim, Kangwoo Shin, Tae-Gon Kim, Seok-Woo Lee, Jungsoo Nam (Korea Institute of Industrial Technology)

Controls and Mechatronics

  1. Study on Display-Panel Transfer Robot Path Error Compensation System Incorporated with ILC
    Minsu Jo, Ilgyun An, Jeahong Sim, Kihyun Kim, Hyoyoung Kim (Tech University of Korea)
  2. DirectDrive3D – Advanced Control Technology for Ultra-Precision Technology
    Christian Wenzel, Philipp Kosse, Michael Berens, Klaus Schweizer, Matthias Brozio (Innolite GmbH)
  3. Magnetically Levitated XYθ Stage Using a Bearingless Motor Design
    Abdel Fahmy, Laura Homiller, Lei Zhou (The University of Texas at Austin)
  4. Laser Interferometry System for Long-Range Precision Displacement Sensing
    Ian L. Heyman, Lei Zhou (The University of Texas at Austin)
  5. Analysis of the Effects of Robot Compliance Errors on Robotic Drilling Systems and Offline Compensation
    Jinho Lee, Taehwa Hong, Tae-Gon Kim, Jungsoo Nam, Seong Hyeon Kim (Korea Institute of Industrial Technology (KITECH))
  6. Mechanical Displacement Measurement Under Varying Air Supply Control Techniques
    Benjamin H. Jacobs, Daniel C. Thompson (Praecis Inc.)

Micro and Nano Technologies

  1. Enabling More Efficient Printing of 2PP Mechanical Logic Structures Through Novel Photoinitiator
    Weilin Liao, Magi Mettry, Matthew Worthington, Swetha Chandrasekaran, John Cortes (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory); Robert Panas (Bright Silicon Technologies)
  2. Functional Analysis of a Polariscope Tool for the Evaluation of Strain in Roll-to-Roll Nanofabrication
    Barbara Groh, Liam G. Connolly, Michael A. Cullinan (The University of Texas at Austin)
  3. Development of a Meniscus Dragging Coating Approach for Microscale Selective Laser Sintering
    Aaron Liao, Dipankar Behera, Michael A. Cullinan (The University of Texas Austin)
  4. Mechanical Oscillators for Optical Mirror Modulation
    Vy Tran, Stuart T. Smith (University of North Carolina – Charlotte)
  5. Process Development and In-situ Control of Conformable, Capillary-driven, Continuous Roll-to-Roll Nanoimprint Lithography
    Parth N. Pandya, Shrawan Singhal, Noah Graff, Ovadia Abed, S.V. Sreenivasan (The University of Texas at Austin)
  6. Spacial Positioning Correction for Multi-Axis Nanopositioning Stages
    Graham Bartlett, Alison C. Raby (Prior Scientific Instruments Limited); Alistair Forbes, Edward Heaps, Andrew Yacoot (National Physical Laboratory)

Precision Design

  1. Design Considerations for Additive Manufacturing of Machine Tool Structural Components
    Tyler Poon, Justin L. West, Emma D. Betters, Tony Schmitz (University of Tennessee, Knoxville), Scott Smith, Christopher T. Tyler (Oak Ridge National Laboratory)
  2. Challenges in the Verification of Forced Air Cooling in Precision Machines
    Feiyu Geng, Bart Koolmees, Nico Tan, Kees Verbaan, Erik Gerrit Hijkoop (NTS-Group)
  3. 4-DOF Exactly-Constrained KB Set for Hard X-Ray Nanofocusing with Multi-Stripe Elliptical Mirrors at MOGNO Beamline
    Gabriel B. Z. L. Moreno, Cassiano S. N. C. Bueno, Artur C. Pinto, Mailson S. Souza, André S. Rocha, Leandro M. dos Santos, João P. S. Furtado, Gabriel R. B. Ferreira, Izabela Z. Lago, Yuri R. Tonin, Nathaly L. Archilha (Brazilian Synchrotron Light Laboratory (LNLS))
  4. Through Pellicle Inspection: EUV Microscope Engineering Design Summary
    Dmytro Zaytsev, Arnaud Allézy, Markus Benk, Michael Dickinson, Ryan Miyakawa, Patrick Naulleau, Senajith Rekawa (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory)
  5. Precision LED Mount
    Jihye Skylar Kim, Peter Ferenz (ASML)
  6. Precision Load Lock Door for Lyophilization Systems
    Ryan Flores, Steven Burcat, Rohan Kadambi, , Alex Slocum, Bernhardt Trout (Massachusetts Institute of Technology); Josh Dittrich (Startsomething LLC)
  7. Design and Testing of an Ultra-Precision Biconic Air Bearing
    Byron R. Knapp, Dan Oss, Dave Arneson (Professional Instruments Company); Brian P. O’Connor (Aerotech, Inc.)
  8. 25,000 Optical Fiber Positioning Robots for Next-Generation Cosmology
    Joseph H. Silber, David J. Schlegel, Robert W. Besuner, Julien Guy (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory); Ricardo Araujo, Jean-Paul Kneib, Markus Thurneysen (École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL)); Charles Baltay (Yale University); Emily Farr (University of Colorado, Boulder); Claire Poppett (University of California Berkeley), Travis A. Mandeville, Sarah Tuttle (University of Washington, Seattle); Michael Schubnell (University of Michigan, Ann Arbor)

Surface Characterization and Applications of Measurement Science

  1. Ultra-sensitive RGA system
    John Timmermans, Erik Gerrit Hijkoop, (NTS-Group Development)
  2. Replication of Functional Surfaces Micro-structured by EDM
    Eckart Uhlmann, Mitchel Polte, Jonas Ludwig, Robert Bolz (Technische Universität Berlin)
  3. Surface Defect Detection Method Based on Gabor Filter and Surface Normal in 3D Point Cloud Data
    Eddie T. Lee, Zhaoyan Fan, Burak Sencer (Oregon State University)

Poster Session 2
Thursday, October 13, 2022
3:30 PM – 5:00 PM

Metrology Systems

  1. Influence of the Touch-Trigger Probe Qualification Procedure in On-Machine Measurements
    Marta Rępalska, Adam Woźniak (Warsaw University of Technology)
  2. Refining Measurements of an SI-Traceable Self-Calibrating Electronic Torque Standard
    Zane D. Comden, John Draganov, Stephan S. Schlamminger, Frank Seifert, Charles Waduwarage Perera, David Newell, Leon Chao (National Institute of Standards and Technology)
  3. Repeatability and Reproducibility Studies for Structured Light Scanning
    Leah J. Jacobs, Tony Schmitz (University of Tennessee, Knoxville)
  4. High-Precision Stress Measurement in Thin Films
    Mallory M. Whalen, Ralf K. Heilmann, Mark L. Schattenburg (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
  5. Dimensional Metrology in Determination of G with BIPM’s Torsion Balance
    V. Lee, S. Schlamminger, C.M. Shakarji, L. Chao, D.B. Newell, J.R. Pratt (National Institute of Standards and Technology); C.C. Speake (University of Birmingham)
  6. Trinocular Vision System for Pose Determination
    Mohammed A. Isa, Mojtaba A. Khanesar, Richard Leach, David Branson, Samantha Piano (University of Nottingham)
  7. Application of Optical Sensors – An Enabler for Quality Inspection with Variable Inspection Rate
    Felix Balzer and Thomas Weigert (Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence)
  8. Metallurgical Property Profiling of Machined Surface Layer for Microstructural Prediction in Subtractive and Additive Manufacturing
    Jungsub Kim, HeeBum Chun, Bruce Tai, ChaBum Lee (Texas A&M University)
  9. Integration of a 3-axis Hallsensor with a CMM
    Dave Yeagly (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory)
  10. High Accuracy Calibration Using Multiple Angular Encoders with Mounting Tolerance Analysis
    Jinsoo Choi, Hongki Yoo (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology); Hyunchang Kim, Dongwoo Kang (Korea Institute of Machinery and Materials)

Precision Manufacturing

  1. Structural Dynamics Modeling and Machine Learning for Integral Blade Rotor Milling
    Gregory M. Corson, Tony Schmitz (University of Tennessee, Knoxville); Jaydeep Karandikar (Oak Ridge National Laboratory)
  2. Fabrication of Freeform Silicon Carbide Components by Hybrid Manufacturing
    Jake Dvorak, Dustin Gilmer, Ross Zameroski, Aaron Cornelius, Tony Schmitz (University of Tennessee, Knoxville)
  3. Preliminary Cutting Force and Tool Wear Study for Micro-Patterned Turning Inserts
    Ryan A. Garcia, Tony L. Schmitz (University of Tennessee, Knoxville); Brian K. Canfield; Alexander Y. Terekhov, Trevor Moeller, Lino Costa (University of Tennessee Space Institute)
  4. Large-Scale Hybrid Manufacturing of Freeform Metal Components
    Bradley H. Jared, Aaron Cornelius, Eduardo Miramontes, Tiffany P. Quigley, Joshua Penney, Joshua Kincaid, Ross Zameroski, Gregory M. Corson, Leah Jacobs, Timothy No, Tony L. Schmitz, William R. Hamel (University of Tennessee, Knoxville)
  5. Research on Non-Contact Overall Length Measurement of Elongated Objects at the Processing Worksites
    Jingwei Wang, Ryushiki Mori, Takanori Yazawa, Tatsuki Otsubo, Toshiaki Yasaka (Nagasaki University)
  6. Investigation of Additive Manufactured Tungsten Carbide-Cobalt Tool Electrodes for Sinking EDM
    Eckart Uhlmann, Mitchel Polte, Robert Hörl, Thomas Braun, Robert Bolz (Technische Universität Berlin)
  7. Design and Control of a Wafer Handling Module for Hybrid Bonding
    Dahoon Ahn (Seoul National University of Science and Technology); Hak-Jun Lee (Korea Institute of Industrial Technology)
  8. Extremum Seeking Control-based Real-time Optimization of Spindle Speed in Machining
    Kaan Bahtiyar, Burak Sencer (Oregon State University)
  9. LIMS Data Collection and Analysis for Machining Monitoring
    Tobechukwu D. Nwabueze, Tony L. Schmitz (University of Tennessee, Knoxville); Nat Frampton (LECS Energy LLC); Christopher Tyler, Jaydeep Karandikar (Oak Ridge National Laboratory)
  10. Elastic Emission Machining (EEM) Toolpathing Methods for Optimizing Surface Finish on Three and Four Axis Machines
    Jacob Guymon (North Carolina State University)
  11. Optical Simulation of Hierarchical Surface Structure Design for Structural Coloration
    Yaoke Wang, Ping Guo (Northwestern University)
  12. High-Speed Catalyst-Referred Etching of Gallium Nitride Assisted by Ultraviolet Light Irradiation
    Kiyoto Kayao, Daisetsu Toh, Kazuto Yamauchi, Yasuhisa Sano (Osaka University)
  13. Surface Planarization of Polycrystalline Silicon Carbide by Catalyst-Referred Etching
    Kohei Futamura, Daisetsu Toh, Kazuto Yamauchi, Yasuhisa Sano (Osaka University)
  14. A Study of Surface Integrity in Ultra-Precision Grinding of Al/SICP Metal Matrix Composites
    Sai Guo, Chi Fai Cheung, Zili Zhang, Lai Ting Ho (The Hong Kong Polytechnic University); Bi Zhang (Southern University of Science and Technology, Shenzhen)
  15. Characterization of Aerodynamic Effects and Unbalance in Rotor Dynamics Whirl Orbit
    Fabian Stoop, Konrad Wegener (ETH Zürich); Josef Mayr (inspire AG)
  16. Fundamental Evaluation of Cooling Characteristics of Cooling Structures for High-Speed Aerostatic Spindle
    Shumon Wakiya, Jumpei Kusuyama, Yohichi Nakao (Kanagawa University); Dmytro Fedorynenko (Tohoku University)
  17. Towards Digital Ultra-Precision Manufacturing
    Lars Schönemann, Oltmann Riemer (University of Bremen)