Northwestern University

Malachi Landis is a PhD student in the Advanced Intelligent Manufacturing Lab of Dr. Ping Guo at Northwestern University. He received his BS in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Alabama in Huntsville in 2022. He interned at AGI corporation, a small electronics assembly and industrial automation company in Huntsville. He has also operated CNC machines at a family-owned machine shop in Richmond, VA. These experiences showed the growing importance of additive manufacturing in both prototyping and small-scale production. Malachi hopes that his research work will contribute to making metal additive and hybrid manufacturing better and more accessible to a wider audience. In particular, he hopes to work on developing solid-state additive techniques. LinkedIn

Yaoke Wang

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Shih-hsien Yang is a driven and ambitious mechanical engineering graduate seeking an entry-level position in a robotics lab. Hoping to use my advanced Solidworks/ Python/ Arduino/ Matlab software knowledge to develop innovative designs and enhancements to create designs for the health and industrial industries.