In Person Only

10-Design for Vacuum Applications

Gerrit van der Straaten, ASML

Tuesday, October 11, 2022
8:00AM – 12:00N (PDT USA)


Constructions in vacuum? The ideal vacuum would be an empty vacuum. Unfortunately, that does not exist. Moreover, any introduction of additional functionalities is a source of gases and contamination. Designers in “normal atmospheric world“ may use their acquired instinct and experience; but may fail under ultra-clean vacuum conditions. The main reason being that basic rules of vacuum completely differ from those at higher pressures


The tutorial will start with basic knowledge how to create, measure and maintain vacuum. Vacuum has properties unknown in our daily surroundings, i.e., there is no standard reference with daily life for people not involved in vacuum technique. To develop the required level of perception and understanding some exercises and calculations will be made during the tutorial.

Second part of the tutorial will be about how to make a robust design, applicable for vacuum conditions. Do’s and dont’s and different mechatronic aspects will be discussed.

Intended for

The tutorial “Introduction in ultra-high vacuum” is intended for engineers who are interested in design guidelines for constructions in ultra-clean vacuum of any kind.

Gerrit van der Straaten is senior mechanical architect at ASML in the Netherlands. He is involved with the mechanical system architecture of the EUV light source delivering the EUV light for EUV lithography.

Gerrit studied mechanical engineering at the Fontys University of Applied sciences. After graduation (2001) he joined Philips Centre for Industrial Technology in the Netherlands and followed a 2-years Master program for Mechatronic Engineers.

Gerrit has worked as mechanical architect in several projects to develop equipment in vacuum for Semiconductor industry, E-beam microscopy and Displays production. He has worked at Philips Centre for Industrial Technology (2001-2007), Settels Savenije (2007-2018) and ASML (2018-today), all in the Netherlands. He has been member of the Nevac, the Dutch Society for vacuum technology.