33rd Annual Meeting


Sunday – Friday, November 4 – November 9, 2018
Red Rock Casino • Resort • Spa
Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Conference Chair:
Kate M. Medicus, Ruda Cardinal, Inc.

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Poster Session 1

Tuesday – November 6, 2018
3:30 PM – 5:00 PM
Session Chair: Brian OConnor (Aerotech)


Characterizations, Data Reduction and Applications of Measurement

1       Pressure Measurement and Uncertainty for Wound Irrigation Devices
Pawar, A.; Schmitz, T. L. (University of North Carolina-Charlotte)

2       The Effect of the Micro-LAM Process on the Underlying Structure of the surface of IR Crystals
Shahinian, H.; Kode, S. K.; Ravindra D.; Zaytsev, D.; Navare, J. A. (Micro-LAM, Inc.)

3       A Novel Positioning Measurement Method Using Polar Microstructure
Zhao, C.; Cheung C.-F. (The Hong Kong Polytechnic University)

4       Determination of the Lateral Resolution of an Interference Microscope Using A Micro-Scale Sphere
Su, R.; Thomas, M.; Leach, R. K. (University of Nottingham); de Groot, P. J. (Zygo Corporation;) Coupland, J. M. (Loughborough University)


Micro and Nano Technologies

1       MEMS-based Graphene Resonant Gas Sensor for Health Monitoring
Cayll, D.; Hyung C. J.; Cullinan, M. A. (The University of Texas at Austin); Ladner, I. S. (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory)

2       Finite Element Analysis and Fabrication of a Plate-type Ultrasonic System for Cooling
Kim, H.; Lim, E.; Park, J-K. (Korea Institute of Machinery & Materials (KIMM))

3         Investigation of Assembly of a Levitation Actuator
Nakazato, A.; Takaki, Y.; Torii, A.; Doki, K.; Mototani, S. (Aichi Institute of Technology)

4       Improvement of the Trajectory of an Inchworm with a Low-Cost Camera
Takaki, Y.; Torii, A. ; Nakazato, A.; Mototani, S.; Doki, K. (Aichi Institute of Technology)

5       Multiple-indicators Improvement of Silicon Cylindrical Optics Polishing for High Energy Laser
Tian, T.; Shi, F.; Dai, Y.; Peng, X.; Han, K.; Zhong, Y.; Li, F.; Luo, C.; (National University of Defense Technology)

6       Ultra-Precise Closed-Loop Piezo Positioning with Interferometry for Nano Manufacturing Machines
Schindler, G.; Hirschmann, T. C.; (Attocube Systems AG)


Precision Manufacturing Machines and Technologies

1       Compensating for Film Stress in Thin Mirror Substrates Using Ion Implantation
Chalifoux, B.; Yao, Y.; Woller, D. B.; Heilmann, R. K.; Schattenburg, M. L. (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

2       Design and Manufacture of Angular Variation Pyramid Pattern of Random Arrangement
Choi, D.-S.; Moon, S.-H.; Lee, J.-R.; Jeong, Ji-Y.; Je, T.-J. (Korea Institute of Machinery & Materials (KIMM)); Jeon, E.-C. (University of Ulsan)

3       Modulated Tool Path Turning Stability Analysis
Copenhaver, R.; Schmitz, T. L. (University of North Carolina-Charlotte)

4       Improvement of Multistage Superfinishing of Sapphire with Vitrified-bonded Diamond Superabrasive Stones
Furushiro, N; Yamaguchi, T.; Hirooka, D. (Kansai University); Matsumori, N.; Tanada, K. (Mizuho Co., Ltd.)

5      Estimation of Saw Wire Temperature during Machining of Rock in Vacuum
Furutani, K.; Inukai, R.; Takano, T. (Toyota Technological Institute); Okada, T. (Institute of Space and Astronautical Science, JAXA); Saiki, K. (Osaka University); Ohue, H. (Tokusen Kogyo Co. Ltd.)

6       Flexure-based Cutting Force Dynamometer
Gomez, M.; Schmitz, T. L. (University of North Carolina-Charlotte)

7       Direction-Dependent Receptances for Anisotropic Nickel Superalloy
Honeycutt, A.; Schmitz, T. L. (University of North Carolina-Charlotte); Glavicic, M. (Rolls Royce)

8       Analysis of the Basic Performance of the Hybrid System Using Fluid Jet and Pad Polishing
Je, T.-J.; Jeong, J.-Y.; Lee, J.-R.; Moon, S.-H.; Choi, D.-S. (Korea Institute of Machinery & Materials(KIMM))

9       Microblast-assisted Metal Polymer Hybrid Joining
Kajihara, Y.; Tamura, Y.; Kimura, F. (The University of Tokyo); Yamaguchi, E. (Sintokogio Ltd.)

10     Tool Wear and Chip Formation in Turning of Heat-resistant Alloy of Cr-Mo-V Forged Steel
Kawamura, Y.; Takino, H. (Chiba Institute of Technology)

11     A Study on Circular Test for the Parallel Kinematic Machine Considering Kinematic Errors
Lee, H.-H.; Lee, S.-R.; Kim, Y.-S.; Yang, S.-H. (Kyungpook National University); Kim, I.-H. (Maxrotec Co.); Min, K.-S. (Radix Co.); Kim, D.-H. (Daeyoung Bearing Co.)

12     Development of Digital Manufacturing Platform in Wafer-level Optics
Lin, C.-T.; Chang, K.-D.; Gu, J.-N.; Lin, H.-Y.; Chou, T.-H. (Industrial Technology Research Institute)

13     Tool Path Optimization for Slow Tool Servo Assisted Ultra-Precision Diamond Turning of Micro Lens Arrays
Liu, Y.; Zhang, P. (Harbin Institute of Technology)

14     Dry Machining of 1199 as a Surrogate for Plutonium
McNutt, N.; Dow, T. A.; Wong, A. R.; Garrard, K. P. (North Carolina State University)

15     Tool Path Planning for Ultra-Precision Machining of Interrupted Optical Surfaces Based on NURBS Surfaces
Morgan, C. J.; Rubeo, M. A. (Moore Nanotechnology Systems)

17     Ultra-high Precision Grinding of Optical Glass Using Acoustic Emission Monitoring Technique
Onwuka, G. R.; Odedeyi, P. B.; Abou-El-Hossein, K.; Abdulkadir, L. N. (Nelson Mandela University)

18     CFD Simulation of Injection Molding Processes
Schmuetz, J.; Karnatz, L.; Bartsch, P. (Beuth University of Applied Sciences Berlin)

19     Investigating the Self-protective Tool Formation during Cutting of Titanium Alloy
Song, X.; Takahashi, Y.; Ihara, T. (Chuo University)

20     Preliminary Study on Figuring of Reaction-sintered Silicon Carbide by Plasma Chemical Vaporization Machining
Sun, R.; Ohkubo, Y.; Kawai, K.; Arima, K.; Yamamura D. K. (Osaka University)

21     Modified Dwell Time for Free-form Optical Elements Polishing
Sun, X.; Zha, J.; Chen, Y.; Li, Y. (Xi’an Jiaotong University)

22     Fundamental Design Study on High-speed Aerostatic Spindle with Water-Cooling Function
Yamazaki, S.; Nakao, Y. (Kanagawa University)

23     Numerical Simulation Analysis and Design of Membrane-type Restrictor
Yang, Y. L.; Huang, T.-T.; Lin, S. C.; National (Tsing Hua University)

24     Feasibility Study on Precision Compression Molding of Chalcogenide Glass Micro-Optical Elements
Zhang, L.; Zhou, W.; Yi, A. Y. (The Ohio State University)

25     Design and Fabrication of Multiple-Folded Compact Imaging System using Freeform Surfaces
Zhou, W.; Yi, A. Y. (The Ohio State University)

27     A Curved Surface-Insensitive Optical Sensing Technique for Precision Spindle Health Monitoring
Lee, C-B (Texas A&M University); Kim, G. (Tri-N Co. Ltd.)

28     Fabrication of Mirco-Holes Array Through Multiple Electrodes with Distributed μ-pulsed Electrochemical Machining
Thalkar, M.; Patel, D.S.; (Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur); Jain, V.K. (M.A.N.I.T. Bhopal); Ramkumar, J. (Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur)

29     A Parallel-Axis Grinding Method for Large Aspect Ratio Internal Threads
Wu, G.; Li, Z.; Wang, G.; (Harbin Institute of Technology)

30     Development of an Automatic Grinding System for Servo Valve Spool Throttling Edge
Guo, H.; Li, Y.; Yang, Z.; Wang, G.; (Harbin University of Science and Technology)

31     Statistically Based on-Target Optimization in Micro-Milling of Titanium Alloy for Biomedical Applications
Zhang, X.; Li, Y.; Wang, G.; (Harbin Institute of Technology)

32     Advanced Vibration Control for Ultra Precision Machining Technology
Hashimoto, T.; Kamal, A.M.; Jacobs, B.H.; Roblee, J.W.; (Ametek Precitech, Inc.); Worthey, J.L. (Ametek TMC)

33     Process Chains for the Mass Production of Functional Structured Surfaces
Schönemann, L.; Holthusen, A.; Riemer, O.; (LFM Laboratory for Precision Machining of the Leibniz-IWT)

34     Machined Surface Quality Improvement for CFRP Hole Making Process Using Ultrasonically Assisted Drilling
Kim, T.-G.; Shin, K.; Jeong, A.-M.; An, J.-W.; Kim, H.-Y.; Kim, C.-H.; Lee, S.-W.; (Korea Institute of Industrial Technology (KITECH)

35     Preparing and Repairing Precision Ground Surfaces Using Flatstones
Arneson, H. (Professional Instruments Company)

36     Characterizing Chemical Wear of Single Crystal Diamon Tools in Cutting Alloys
Blum, A.; Venditti, K.; Patel, R.; Evans, C. (University of North Carolina at Charlotte)

37    Diamond Turning Plastic Optics
Bodlapati, C.; Dow, T. A.; Wong, A. R. (North Carolina State University); Sohn, A. (Oculus)




Poster Session 2

Wednesday – November 7, 2018
3:30 PM – 5:00 PM
Session Chair: Brian O’Connor (Aerotech)


Controls and Mechatronics

1       Compliant Spindle for Robotic Grinding
Brown, A. R.; Slocum, A. H. (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

2       CFRP Drilled Holes Inspection System with Reaction Force Compensation Mechanism
Kim, H. Y.; Seo, C. H.; Jo, J. H.; Kim, T.-G.; Kim, C.-H.; Lee, S. S. (Korea Institute of Industrial Technology); Lee, M.-G. (Ajou University)

3       Frequency Response Functions for Sliding Friction Contacts
Kossack, C. A.; Ziegert, J. C.; Schmitz, T. L. (University of North Carolina-Charlotte)

4       Optimally Locating Multiple Tuned-mass-dampers for Vibration Reduction in Machine Tool Structure
Lee, J.; Kim, C.-J. (Korea Institute of Machinery & Materials (KIMM)); Lee, C.; Lee, K. (Doosan Machine Tools Co., Ltd.)

5       Control of Semi-active Suspension in High Speed Capsule Train by Using Hardware-in-the-loop Simulation Experiment
Lee, J.-H.; You, W.-H.; Lim, J.-Y.; Lee, K.-S. (Korea Railroad Research Institute)

6       Design of Mobile Machine Tools with Wheels
Lee, S.; Kim, H.; Ro, S.-K. (Korea Institute of Machinery & Materials (KIMM))

7       Development of Dynamic Model for the Special Prototype of Four-axis Machine Using Coordinate Transformation Method
Song, C. K.; Pham, V. D.; Lee, C.-H. (Korea Institute of Machinery & Materials (KIMM))

8       Design and Experiment of Noncontact Eddy Current Damper Module in Linear Motion System with Air Bearing
Song, H.; Seo, C.-H.; Sung, E.; Jeon, Y.; Choi, Y.-M.; Lee, M. (Ajou University); Kim, K. (Korea Polytechnic University); Jeong, J. (Korea University)

9       Reference Trajectory Generation of Decouplable Coarse-fine Stage for Point-to- point Positioning Applications
Yoon, D.; Okwudire, C. E. (University of Michigan)

10     Energy-efficient Electromagnetic Teeter-totter Actuator with Magnet Flux-biasing and Latching
Yoon, J. Y.; Bhushan, B.; Trumper, D. L. (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

11   Transfer Function Identification Using Controller with Limited Internal Memory
Haase, T.; Köhler, R.; (Physik Instrumente (PI) GmbH & Co. KG)

12     Overview of an Actively Damped Vibration Isolation System for Ultra High Vacuum Optical Experiments
Fernandez Galiana, A. (Massachusetts Institute of Technology); Matichard, F. (California Institute of Technology)

13     Energy Optimal Control of a Hybrid Feed Drive Under Variable-Frequency Disturbances
Duan, M.; Ramani, K.S.; Okwudire, C.E.; (University of Michigan)


Metrology Systems and Techniques

1       Surface Metrology Using Extended-Range Partitioned Aperture Wavefront Sensing
Beaulieu, D. R.; Bifano, T. G. (Boston University)

2       An Investigation of Cosine Error for Scanning Probe Measurements of Freeform Surfaces
Betters, E.; Copenhaver, R.; Tarbutton, J.; Schmitz, T. L. (University of North Carolina- Charlotte); Lee, C-B, (Tennessee Technological University)

3       Precision Non-contact Fiber Optic Displacement Sensor Based on Near-field Specklegram
Feng, F.; Chen, W.; Lin, W.; Chen, D.; Chen, S.-C. (The Chinese University of Hong Kong)

4       Geometric Error Measurement of the Linear Axis of CNC Machine Tools by Multilateration Using Four Laser Tracers
Han, L.; Zha, J.; Chen, Y. (Xi’an Jiaotong University)

5       Direct Measurement of Gauge Block Using Laser Interferometer
Jeong, C. Y.; Kim, M. S.; Kim, J. A.; Kang, C.-S.; Eom, T.-B. (Korea Research Institute of Standards and Science)

6       New 3D Figure Measurement System by Angle Integration
Miyawaki, T. (Nikon Corporation)

7       Influence of Rotary Table Error Motions to Cylindrical Gear Measurements
Peng, Y.; Wang, Q.; Goch, F. G. (University of North Carolina-Charlotte)

8       High-resolution Non-fluorescent Imaging with Low-coherence Interference Structured Illumination Microscopy
Usuki, S.; Shibata, G.; Miura, K. T. (Shizuoka University)

9       CMM Interim Performance Check Part 1: Design Criteria
Valdez, L. M.; Montaño, J. D.; Valdez, M. O. (Los Alamos National Laboratory)

10     CMM Interim Performance Check Part 2: Case Study
Valdez, L. M.; Valdez, M. O.; Montaño, J. D. (Los Alamos National Laboratory)

11    Performance Investigation of Large-scale Rotary Tables Under Loads
Wang, Q.; Goch, F. G.; Groover, J.; (University of North Carolina-Charlotte;) von Freyberg, A.; Horn, F.; Fischer, A. (University of Bremen); Steffens, N. (Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence)

12     On-machine and In-laboratory Investigation of Errors of Probes for CNC Machine Tools
Wozniak A.; Jankowski, M. (Warsaw University of Technology)

14     The Effect of Suqareness on the Performance of the Ultra-Precision Machine
Lai, T.; Peng, X.; Tie, G.; Shi, F.; Zhou, L.; Tian, Y.; (National University of Defense Technology)

15     Using Error Separation to Test Ultra High Accuracy Spindles
Arneson, D.; Arneson H.; Oss, D.; (Professional Instruments Company)

16     Using Grejda Optimization to Determine the Best Orientation of a Spindle
Knapp, B.; Oss, D.; (Professional Instruments Company)


Precision Design of Instruments and Machines

1       Development of a Flexure-based Modal Hammer
Gomez, M.; Betters, E.; Copenhaver, R.; Schmitz, T. L. (University of North Carolina- Charlotte)

2       Optimal Reaction Wrench Measuring Platform
Kumar, R.; Jain, A.; Khatait, J. P. (Indian Institute of Technology Delhi)

3       A 3-D Nonlinear Analytical Stiffness Model for Deflected Leaf Springs
Nijenhuis, M.; Meijaard, J. P.;Brouwer, D. M. (University of Twente)

4       Self-alignment of Kinematic Couplings: Effects of Deformations
Patti, F.; Vogels, J. M. (VDL ETG Technology & Development BV)

5       On the Design of Long Range Multiaxial Nanofabrication Machines Based on Cartesian Nanopositioning Systems with Additional Ultra Precision Rotations
Schienbein, R.; Fern, F.; Theska, R.; Füßl, R. (Ilmenau University of Technology)

6       On the Efficient Simulation of the Flexible Multibody Dynamics of Flexure Based Precision Mechanisms Using Superelements
Schilder, J.; Ellenbroek, M.; van den Belt, M.; de Boer, A. (University of Twente)

7       A Three-Dimensional Beam Ray Tracing of Laser Transportation System
Shi, H.; Lafortune, K. N.; Robinson, J.; Fry, A.; Spiga D. (Stanford University)

8       Design of Compact Linear Nanopositioning Flexure Stages with Centimeter Travel Range for X-Ray Instrumentation
Shu, D. (Argonne National Laboratory)

9       Efficient Modelling of Short and Wide Leaf Springs Using a Superelement Formulation
van den Belt, M.; Schilder, J.; Brouwer, D. M. (University of Twente)

10     6-DOF Force Measurement Platform Used for Mapping Functions in Magnetic Levitation Systems
Gloess, R.; Goos, A.; (Physik Instrumente (PI) GmbH & Co.KG)

11     A Novel Semi-Active Joint for Simultaneously Achieving Fast Settling and Excellent In-Position Stability in Point-to-Point Positioning
Dong, X.; Okwudire, C.E.; (University of Michigan)

12     Design of a Meta-Material for the Torsional Reinforcement of a Leaf Spring
Andree, D.J.; Nijenhuis, M.; Brouwer, D.M.; (University of Twente)

13     Precision Scanning Onboard the NASA Tropics Mission
Gillmer, S.; McMenamin, C.; Powers, B.; Racamato, J.; DiLiberto,, M.; Cunningham, A.; Fuhrman, L.; Crompton, D.; Michael, S.; Clark, K.; Blackwell, W.; (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

14     Compressed Air System for Ultra Precision Air Bearing Spindles
Arneson, S.; Arneson D.; Knapp, B.; Oss, D.; (Professional Instruments Company)

15     History of the Blockhead Spindle
Arneson, C.D.; Liebers, M.J.; (Professional Instruments Company)

16     Inverted Curved Flexure Hinge with Torsional Reinforcements in a Printed Prosthetic Finger
Boers, A.S.; Naves, M.; Garcia Rodriguez, L.A.; Brouwer, D.M.; (University of Twente)

17     Experimental Design of a Small Stroke Nanometer Resolution Displacement Actuator Based on Thermal Expansion
Nuij, P. W. J. M.; van den Hoogenhof, P. (Eindhoven University of Technology); Verbaan, K. (NTS-Group)

18      A Framework for Error Budgeting in Precision Machine Design
Duenner, A. (Magic Leap, Inc.); Slocum, A. H. (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)