33rd Annual Meeting


Sunday – Friday, November 4 – November 9, 2018
Red Rock Casino • Resort • Spa
Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Conference Chair:
Kate M. Medicus, Ruda Cardinal, Inc.

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Mark Malburg (Digital Metrology)
Date and Time: TBA

The understanding and control of surface texture is essential to the survival of many industries.  However, in most of these industries, surfaces are not well understood.  In this tutorial we will demystify the world of surface texture through case studies, imagery and live analysis of many different surfaces representing many different surface functions.

The morning (intro) session is a general “crash course”.  It is for all audiences, all knowledge levels.  The tutorial includes the real-time analysis of several example surfaces and many case studies.   In this session we will leave the mathematics behind and focus more on the concepts and understanding of surfaces and their measurement.

  • Describing shapes/surfaces
    • The language and visualization of surfaces
  • Surfaces and measurement
    • Instruments… (and some measurement horror stories)
  • Pulling out the shapes that matter
    • Fitting… (dealing with geometry)
    • Filtering… (catching waves)
  • Describing things with numbers
    • Parameters