What is MTF?

MTF (modulation transfer function) is a typically used parameter to describe the performance of optical systems. It is clear to this committee that there are many technical challenges in using MTF, when applied across the board to high-end optical systems. We have seen that every MTF measurement and specification comes with more and more caveats, leading to more and more questions about the applicability of MTF as a metric.

The Precision Optical Metrology Workshop will include one special discussion session addressing if MTF is truly a precision metric. We envision short (10 minutes) talks with plenty of time for discussion, problem solving, and collaboration. The session will conclude with a wrap-up talk to review key points.

If you are interested in participating in this special discussion session, submit a topic of discussion via a short abstract and via the link. Possible ideas include the following: 1) definition & application of MTF, 2) definition of precision, 3) measurement methods of MTF – commercial and homebuilt tools, 4) uncertainty in MTF measurements, 5) MTF in advertising, 6) MTF when used as a design metric, 7) MTF as a surface profile metric vs. MTF as a system metric, 8) MTF across the field, 9) MTF dependencies on the wavelength profile (design and test), 10) using the detector and sampling corrections for MTF, 11) applying MTF to Bayer sensors or software processed images, 12) communication with customers about MTF (explaining the diffraction limit, % of diffraction limit, absolute values) and 13) lessons learned when using MTF. Of course, we also interested in hearing talks that make the counterargument “MTF is just fine!”

If you don’t have a specific topic in mind, but would still like to participate, consider a talk on the definition of MTF, its historical use, or volunteer for a panel or the wrap-up talk.

If you choose to present in these areas and are representing a commercial tool supplier, please focus on the technical results & outcomes of your tool.