ASPE 2021 Spring Topical Meeting– Freeform and Structured Surfaces

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ASPE 2021 Spring Topical Meeting 
Freeform and Structured Surfaces 

Meeting Co-Chairpersons:

Joseph Owen, Raytheon Technologies
Jay Udayasankaran, Raytheon Technologies

Planning Committee:

Qunyi Chen, 3M Company 
Stephen Furst, Smart Material Solutions, Inc. 
Richard Leach, University of Nottingham 
Jeffrey Roblee, AMETEK–Precitech, Inc. 
John Schaefer, Raytheon Technologies
Alex Sohn, Facebook Reality Labs 
Benny C.F. Cheung, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Fengzhou Fang, Tianjin University
Kumar A. Senthil, National University of Singapore

One of the most important aspects of a modern product is its surfaces; both shape and fine-scale topography are critical to functionality. However, surfaces are highly sensitive to changes in a manufacturing process and its tolerances. In tribology, surface interactions influence the friction, wear, and lifetime of a component. In fluid dynamics, surfaces determine how fluids flow. This affects aerodynamic lift on an aircraft and thereby influences fuel consumption. In optics, the use of freeform surfaces can have a profound effect on the number of optical elements that are needed for a given function, thereby saving space and cost. Biomimetic structured surfaces can be engineered to affect properties such as hydrophobicity, color, and hardness for applications ranging from food packaging to antiviral coatings that protect against Covid-19. This meeting will discuss the latest advances in the functionality, manufacturing, and measurement of structured and freeform surfaces, with the ultimate goal of proliferating their use for the betterment of humanity.