Poster Session 1
Wednesday, October 30, 2019, 3:30 PM – 5:00 PM

Controls and Mechatronics

1. Efficient Interpolator with Minimal Feedrate Fluctuation for Parametric
Jiang, J. J.; Lin, F. (China University of Mining and Technology); Zhang, Y.; Zhang, H.; Ye, P. (Tsinghua University)

2. Ultra-Precision Angle Sensors and Multi-Axis Closed-Loop Control
Dowski, R. E. (Ascentia Imaging, Inc)

3. Practical Feedforward Techniques for Accurate Desktop 3D Printing
Dumanli, A.; Shannon, T. L.; Sencer, B. (Oregon State University); Tajima, S.
(Tokyo Institute of Technology)

4. Design of a 5-Axis Manipulator for the Automatic Lapping Process
Park, S.; Lee, S.; Koh, D.; Shim, J.; Kim, J. (Gwangju Institute of Science & Technology)

5. Levitation Height Control of Levitation Actuator Using Proportional Control
Nakazato, A.; Torii, A. A.; Kae, D.; Suguru, M. (Aichi Institute of Technology)

6. Rotation of an Inchworm Using Piezoelectric Elements and Electromagnets
Miyake, H.; Torii, A. A.; Suguru, M.; Kae, D. (Aichi Institute of Technology)

Metrology & Characterization

7. Influence of Preparation Process on Surface Topography and Nanotribological
Properties of Molecular Films on Dlc Substrate
Guo, S. (Center for Precision Engineering); Sun, T. (Harbin Institute of Technology); Cao, Y.; Gu, L.; Zhang, C. (School of Mechatronics Engineering); Xu, Z.; Li, H.
(Beijing Institute of Aerospace Control Devices)

8. Tool Edge Geometry from Structured Light Scanning
Schmitz, T. L.; No, T. (University of Tennessee, Knoxville)

9. Compressive Sensing for Fast 3-D Two-Photon Microscopy
Wen, C.; Ren, M.; Chen, S. S. (The Chinese University of Hong Kong)

10. Reverse Task in Surface Metrology – Simulation of Initial One-Process Profile
Based on Resulted Two-Process Profile
Pawlus, P. P.; Reizer, R. R. (Rzeszów University of Technology)

11. A Multi-Scopic 3D Precision Measurement System for Deep Blind Holes
Cheung, C. B.; Li, D. N. (The Hong Kong Polytechnic University)

12. Methods for Optically Profiling Surfaces
Caviness, A. N.; Arumugam, K.; Newman, T. L.; Shabahang, F.; Smith, S. T.; Her, T. (University of North Carolina – Charlotte)

Micro and Nano Technologies
13. Modeling Approach for Characterization of Decomposition Behavior in Powder
Injection Molding Process
Han, J.; Jeong, J.; Choi, D.; Je, T. (Korea Institute of Machinery and Materials); Park, S. (POSTECH)

14. YSZ Forest Structured Film Using Centrifugal Molding Method for SOFC Performance Improvement
Okamura, T. N.; Nagato, K.; Tomizawa, M.; Nakao, M. (The University of Tokyo)

15. Towards Embedded High-Speed Control for Dynamic Tip-Based Nanometrology in
Roll-To-Roll Manufacturing
Connolly, L. G.; Cullinan, M. A. (The University of Texas at Austin)

16. MEMS Dynamic Mechanical Analyzer for In Situ Viscoelastic Characterization
of 3D Printed Microstructures
Cayll, D. R.; Cullinan, M. A. (The University of Texas at Austin); Ladner, I. S.; Cho, J. H. (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory); Saha, S. K. (Georgia Institute of Technology)

17. High Speed Stimulated Raman Scattering Microscope with Shot Noise Limited
Li, H. N.; Wang, P. (Huazhong University of Science and Technology)

18. Parallel Positioning Device for X-Ray Diffraction Laboratory Use
Olea, G. (HUBER Positioning & Diffraction GmbH & Co.KG)

19. Research On The Modeling Of Burr Formation Process In Micro-Flat Milling Operation On Ti-6Al-4V
Chen, N. X.; Wu, Y.; Li, Z.; Li, L. (Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics)

Precision Design

20. Pressure-Fed Mechanisms for Nanopositioning Stage Applications
Lee, C.; Han, J. (Texas A&M University); Kim, G. (Tri-N Co., Ltd); Villarraga-Gómez, H. (Nikon Metrology, Inc.)

21. Modeling the Dynamic Stiffness of an Air Bearing Spindle Using Frequency Response
Knapp, B. R.; Arneson, D. A.; Oss, D. (Professional Instruments Company)

Precision Manufacturing

22. Toolpath Generation: Freeform Surface Blending and Extrapolation
Naples, N. J. (Facebook Reality Labs); Yi, A. (The Ohio State University)

23. Double-Sided Polishing Conditions to Suppress Edge Roll-Off of Silicon Wafer
Harada, S.; Satake, U.; Enomoto, T. (Osaka University)

24. Experimental Study of the Probe Pre-Travel Bending Error
Li, S. S.; Zeng, L.; Feng, P. (Tsinghua University)

25. Low Cost Platform for Hybrid Manufacturing of Light Metals3
Schmitz, T. L.; Betters, E. D. (University of Tennessee, Knoxville);West, J. (University of North Carolina – Charlotte)

26. Development of Temperature Control System for Machine Tools
Kodaka, S. S. (Kanagawa University)

27. Finite Element Modeling of the Flash Thermography for Sub-Surface Defect
Detection in Metals
Patel, K. A. (Academic, USA); Evans, C. J.; Cherukuri, H.; Davies, A. D.
(University of North Carolina – Charlotte)

28. Error Motion Testing of a Bare 4R Blockhead Air Bearing Spindle
Arneson, D. C. (Professional Instruments Company)

29. Modelling of Powder Spreading to Optimize Compaction Consistency
Groen, A. M.; Vlasea, M.; Erkorkmaz, K.(University of Waterloo, Canada)

30. Design and Features of the 4 Inch Blockhead Air Bearing Spindle
Arneson, S. O. (Professional Instruments Company)

31. Addressing Precision Challenges to Fabricate 3D Parts Using Microscale Selective Laser Sintering
Behera, D. N.; Cullinan, M. A. (The University of Texas at Austin); Roy, N. K. (Canon Nanotechnologies)

32. High Speed Micro Laser Assisted Machining of Single Crystal Germanium
Shahinian, H. N.; Navare, J.; Bodlapati, C. S.; Zaytsev, D.; Kang, D.; Mohammadi, H.; Arlt, M.; Ravindra, D. M. (Micro-LAM Inc.)

33. One-Side Cutting Strategy for Ultraprecise Single Point Cutting of V-Grooves; Case
2: Constant Cutting Area
Bordatchev, E. V.; Milliken, N (National Research Council of Canada); Joao, D. A.;
Tutunea-Fatan, R. O. (Western University, Canada)

34. Machine Learning Approach Prediction of Stress-Strain Curves for Low-Temperature
Annealed Carbon Steels
Ito, N. R.; Niho, T.; Nagato, K.; Nakao, M. (The University of Tokyo)

35. Study on Laser-Induced Oxidation of Ti6al4v Alloy Under Two Different Reactive
Zhao, W.; Zhao, G.; Li, L.; He, N. (Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics); Iqbal, A. (Universiti Brunei Darussalam)

36. Fundamental Analysis on Thermal Characteristics of High-Speed Aerostatic
Wakiya, S. S.; Satsuki, Y.; Kusuyama, J.; Fedorynenko, D.; Nakao, Y. Y.
(Kanagawa University, Japan)

37. Crack Propagation in Nanocrystalline Alloy Sheet by Laser Spot Irradiation
Tagata, H. (The University of Tokyo)

Poster Session 2
Thursday, October 31, 2019, 3:30 PM – 5:00 PM

Controls and Mechatronics

1. Development of Compact Maglev Stage System for Nanometer-Scale Positioning
Takahashi, M. M. (Hitachi, Ltd.)

2. Force Control for Hybrid Electric-Pneumatic Ultra-Precision Vertical Positioning
Kato, T.; Tanaka, T. T.; Xu, Y. W.; Shimazaki, K. (Fukuoka Institute of Technology)

3. Study on an Active Vibration Isolation with Respect to Inertia
Kim, H. Y. (Korea Institute of Industrial Technology); Choi, J.; Kim, K.; Lee, S.; Park, J. (Korea Polytechnic University)

4. Noise, Resolution, and Sampling Rate Characterization of a Low-Cost Eddy-Current Position Sensing System for Bearingless Motor Suspension Control
Weinreb, B. S.; Noh, M.; Trumper, D. L. (Massachusetts Institute of Technology); Fyler, D.
(The Charles Stark Draper Laboratory)

5. Aspects of Design and Performance of a Thermally Actuated Linear Translation
Fan, C. S.; Hastings, D.; Smith, S. T. (University of North Carolina – Charlotte)

6. Prediction of Feed Drive Control Parameter Effect at the Machine Tool Cutting
Point Dynamics
Franco, O.; Erkorkmaz, K. (University of Waterloo, Canada); Beudaert, X.; Munoa, J.

Metrology Systems and Characterization

7. Procedure to Determine Linearity Deviations of a Large Range Vertical Axis of Topography Measurement Instruments Using Simple Step Height Standards
Bauer, W. J.; Gerbert, D. (Polytec GmbH); Hueser, D.
(Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt PTB)

8. Measurement Uncertainty Evaluation of Cosine Error-Free Surface Profile
Measuring System
Guo, X. (Texas A&M University); Han, J.; Lee, C.; Tarbutton, J.
(University of North Carolina – Charlotte)

9. Effect of Particle Agglomeration Level in Reusing CMP Slurry at Various Pressures and Their Impact on Polishing Behavior
Kubota, M.; Dunn, K. A. (SUNY Polytechnic Institute, SUMCO Co)

10. Sensor and Instrumentation Applied to Spindle Health Monitoring
Han, J.; Lee, C. (Texas A&M University)

11. Description of the Shape of Ordinate Distribution of Two-Process Profile
Pawlus, P. P.; Reizer, R. R. (Rzeszów University of Technology)
Micro and Nano Technologies
12. Experimental Characterization of Lightfield Directing Array Elements
Panas, R. M.; Enstrom, K. G (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory); Simonelli, J. M.; Karburn, J.; Nguyen, V.; Hopkins, J. B. (University of California – Los Angeles)

13. Sub-Wavelength Periodic Surface Structures Fabricated by Temporally Focused
Femtosecond Laser
Fu, Z.; Zhang, N.; Chen, S. S. (The Chinese University of Hong Kong); Zhang, N. (Nankai University)

14. Liquid Capsule-Based Pressure Sensor for Precision Cardiovascular Monitoring
Fan, X. N.; Ren, M.; Huang, Y.; Zhao, N.; Chen, S. S. (The Chinese University of Hong Kong)

15. Metrology of Nano and Micro-Scale Features Created with a Large-Area Indenting
Process – Nanocoining
Miller, N. C.; Furst, S. J. (Smart Material Solutions, Inc.)

16. Wafer Scale Exfoliation of Monocrystalline Micro-Scale Silicon Films
Ward, M. J.; Cullinan, M. A. (The University of Texas at Austin)

Precision Design

17. Design of a Six-Axis Parallel Nanopositioner Using Decoupled Flexural Legs
Li, C. L.; Liu, X.; Chen, S. S.; (The Chinese University of Hong Kong)

18. Motorization of a Large Aperture Airbearing for Use in a New X-Ray Microscope
Arneson, H. D. (Professional Instruments Company); Preissner, C. A. (Argonne National Laboratory)

Precision Manufacturing

19. Experimental Analysis of Nickel Adhesion Process During Wire-Sawing of Rock in Vacuum by Friction Test
Furutani, K. (Toyota Technological Institute)

20. Structured Light Scanning for Endmill Modeling
Schmitz, T. L.; No, T.; Gomez, M. F. (University of Tennessee, Knoxville);
Copenhaver, R. W. (University of North Carolina – Charlotte)

21. Laser Doppler Vibrometry for Machining Dynamics Analysis
Schmitz, T. L.; Gomez, M.; Betters, E. D. (University of Tennessee, Knoxville); Eichenberger, J. (Polytec); Delio, T. (MLI)

22. Study on the Protective Effect of Built-Up Layer in Dry Cutting Of SUS304
Stainless Steel
Song, X.; Tohru, I. N; Yukio, T. (Chuo University ); Weiming, H. (University of Shanghai for Science and Technology)

23. Direct Control of Machine Tools Using 3D-CAD
Sagesaka, K.; Morimoto, Y. S.; Hayashi, A. (Kanazawa Institute of Technology)

24. Machine Learning Approach Prediction of Stress-Strain Curves for Low-Temperature
Annealed Carbon Steels
Ito, R. N.; Nagato, K.; Niho, T.; Nakao, M. (The University of Tokyo)

25. Manufacturing Technology of Metamaterial with Double Square Loop Array Filled
Conductive Carbon Ink for Microwave Absorption
Je, T.; Jeong, J. Han, J.; Choi, D.; Jonghwa, S. (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology)

26. Numerically Controlled Plasma Chemical Vaporization Machining Using Array-Type
Electrode Toward High-Throughput Deterministic Machining
Nishida, K.; Okayama, S.; Matsuyama, S.; Yamauchi, K. N.; Sano, Y.
(Osaka University)

27. Fundamental Analysis on Thermal Characteristics of High-Speed Aerostatic
Wakiya, S. S. (Kanagawa University)

28. Development of an Abrasive-Free Polishing Method for Optical Material Using Pure
Water and Ni Catalyst
Toh, D.; Ohnishi, R.; Bui, P. V.; Isohashi, A.; Matsuyama, S.; Sano, Y.; Yamauchi, K. N. (Graduate School of Engineering, Osaka University)

29. Fabrication of Micro Infrared Fresnel Lens Arrays by Virtual Spindle Based Tool
Servo Diamond Turning and Precision Glass Molding
Zhang, L. N. (The Ohio State University)

30. Design and Fabrication of Multi-Element Diffractive Optical Array for Imaging
Zhou, W. N.; Yi, A. (The Ohio State University)

31. Identification for the Feed Drive Dynamics of a 5-Axis Laser Drilling Machine Via
In-Process Data
Wang, C. W.; Erkorkmaz, K.; McPhee, J. (University of Waterloo, Canada)

32. Grinding a Workpiece to Sub-Micron Roundness in a 100-Year-Old Grinder
Arneson, D. A.; Liebers, M. J.; Arneson, C. D. (Professional Instruments Company, USA)

33. Ceramics Additive Manufacturing of a Simple Plano Mirror
Jared, B. H.; Saiz, D.; Choi, J.; Cook, A.; Reinholtz, W.; Saavedra, M.; Arrington, C. (Sandia National Laboratories)

34. Volumetric Data Analysis: Inspection and Experimental Design for Additive
Geng, Z.; Bidanda, B. (University of Pittsburgh)

35. Effect of Laser-Assisted Diamond Turning (Micro-Lam) on Non-Optimally Oriented
Calcium Fluoride Crystal
Shahinian, H. N.; Bodlapati, C. S.; Navare, J.; Zaytsev, D.; Kang, D.; Mohammadi, H.; Ravindra, D. M.; Arlt, M. (Micro-LAM Inc.)

36. Accuracy Analysis on Weld Specifications Using Confocal Microscopy
Valdez, M. O.; Arguero, C.; Sikkink, R.; Keim, D. E.; Cassidy, L. (Los Alamos National Laboratory)