October 21, 2020 1:30 – 3:30 p.m. CDT

Each presentation is 15 minutes long

PresenterPresentation Title
Michael CullinanMicro AM Review
Sourabh Saha
Georgia Institute of Technology
Role of precision engineering in
pushing the performance limits of
nanoscale additive manufacturing
John Cortes
Lawrence Livermore National
Ceramic Two-Photon Printing of
High Aspect Ratio Microstructures
Dipankar Behera Towards 3D Part Fabrication Using aMicro-Scale Additive Manufacturing
Ping Guo
Northwestern University
Polarization Based Optically Variable
Devices Fabricated by Elliptical
Vibration Texturing
Frederick Sun
Lawrence Livermore National
Design, Fabrication, and Signal
Propagation Characteristics of
Micro-Mechanical Logic Elements

Bingxu Chen
The Chinese University of
Hong Kong
Multi-Focus Random-Access
Pump-Probe Microscopy Based on
Compressive Sensing