The lightning session presenter will generate a single lightning session slide as a ‘business card’ to describe his/her group’s focus area, to be submitted by January 10, 2020. Each lightning session presenter will be given 2-3 minutes for an introduction using this slide to the community, and the slides will be gathered up as an index in the conference proceedings. Templates for this introduction slide can be accessed via the link below.


Template Information: Lightning Slide Template

Submit your Lightning Slide Here: Lightning Slide Submission


The goal of the lightning slide is not to dive into any technology or provide a deep understanding. It is instead to help the attendees decide who they should follow up with after the lightning talk.


  • One slide

  • Title, name, abstract/image


  • One line elevator pitch

  • Keywords to describe work

  • Capabilities of team or individual focus areas

  • Areas of present and future focus, what problems team solve

  • Needs – skills, collaborators, whether group is hiring, or interesting in employment discussion