Session 4: Controls & Mechatronics

Thursday, November 4
10:15 AM – 12:00 PM
Session Chair: David Trumper, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Oral PresentationsAuthors
Piezoelectric Shunt Damping in Cryogenic Conditions: Application to a Flexure-based MechanismAmbaum, N., Eindhoven University of Technology
Mokrani, B., ASML
Vermeulen, J., Eindhoven University of Technology
Intelligent Online Scan Sequence Optimization for Uniform Temperature Distribution in Laser Powder Bed FusionOkwudire, C., University of Michigan
Ramani, K., University of Michigan
He, C., University of Michigan
Thermal Error Compensation for Large Machine ToolsIbabe, B. I., IDEKO S.COOP
Colinas, N., IDEKO S. COOP
López de Lacalle, L. N., EHU-UPV
Aguirre, G., IDEKO S.COOP
Magnetically Levitated XYZ-Nanopositioning Sample for X-Ray MicroscopyHeyman, I., The University of Texas at Austin
Ibrahim, M., The University of Texas at Austin
Zhou, L., The University of Texas at Austin
Frequency-dependency and Coupled Dynamics of Near Field Acoustic Levitation BearingGuo, P., Northwestern University
Wang, Y., Northwestern University
Contact-free, Electrostatically-levitated Reticle Handoff in Photolithography ToolsBhushan, B., Massachusetts Institute of Technology
David Trumper, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Active Control of High Frequency Regenerative Chatter Vibrations with Machine Tool Feed DrivesDumanli, A., Oregon State University 
Sencer, B., Oregon State University