ASPE College of Fellows: Eligibility and Nomination Process


Nominees for the ASPE College of Fellows

  • must an ASPE member in good standing for a minimum of ten continuous years.
  • must have at least 20 years of experience in a technological field relevant to Precision Engineering.
  • must have at least a Bachelor’s degree in a relevant engineering or technical field, or sufficient engineering practice to provide its equivalent.
  • cannot have been nominated for the ASPE College of Fellows in the last three years. Nominees who were not elected to the ASPE College of Fellows are eligible to apply again after three years.

Nomination Process

  • To be considered for election to the College of Fellows, members must be nominated by a current Member, Fellow, or Honorary Member of the Society. Self-nominations are not allowed.
  • Prior to submitting the nomination packet, the Nominator should email the Chair of the Fellow Selection Committee at and provide the name of the proposed nominee. The Selection Committee will verify that the proposed nominee meets the eligibility requirements.
  • The Nominator must submit a complete nomination packet that includes:
    • Completed Nomination Form
    • At least three letters of support, preferably on letterhead, detailing the nominee’s unique contributions and accomplishments. One of the support letters must be from the Nominator. The other two letters should be from Sponsors with understanding of, and preferably significant experience in, the field of Precision Engineering; and close familiarity with the nominee’s record.

Completed nomination packets must be submitted no later than April 26, 2024 to