The Virtual 35th Annual Meeting has concluded. Thank you for those who attended the 35th Annual Meeting.

Revised Ruling Engine Challenge: Scribe tool control
(Version 2.5)

The ASPE Student Challenge is an annual precision engineering student competition inviting students from engineering and technical disciplines to participate in designing & building a precision mechanical system and showcase their precision engineering efforts/skills during the competition at the conference. The challenge typically tests the student teams on various aspects of precision engineering including precision machine element design, mechatronics, controls, metrology and optics & provides the students, a glimpse into the design & development of a precision system.[expand more_text=”Read More”]The goal of the 2020 Student challenge is to build a scribe tool controller that can be integrated with an XY scanning platform to produce a mechanical ruling system. Each team will be required to design, prototype, and characterize performance of the scribe tool controller This revised goal has become necessary to fit into the virtual conference format due to the corona virus pandemic. The parts will be sent to the professor to distribute as desired. In the case the school lab is closed, students could divide and work on completing the assembly and testing at home.This replaces the original goal that was to generate a grating pattern with 50 lines per millimeter over a minimum 5 mm x 3 mm substrate area (a total of 150 to 250 lines) using the scribe tool controller mounted into the XY stage at the conference. This will be deferred until the next, in-person, annual meeting, hopefully in 2021.Hardware used for the construction and testing of the probe can only be constructed from the resources supplied to each team. A list of all resources provided to each team is provided in the Detailed Description & BOM.Grading[2] for the challenge will be based on 1) design novelty (typically fewer mechanical elements, small footprint are desired) of the instrument (100 pts), 2) a comprehensive uncertainty budget (200 pts), 3) a design presentation (100 pts), and 4) a presentation with accompanying video (limited to less than 15 minutes) during the conference (600 pts). The goals of mechanical testing are to determine the performance of the scribe probe under closed loop control.[/expand]

Important Dates (times listed in CDT):

  • Midnight, August 14: Last day for registrations
  • August 17: Start Day
  • August 17: Shipping hardware
  • September 28: 15 minute meetings – each team with judges
  • October 19: Last day to submit reports
  • October 19: Last day to submit pre-recorded presentations
  • 9:30 – 11:00, October 21: Final project presentations
  • 11:30 – 1:30, October 21: Awards given during the Business meeting

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ASPE Student Challenge Organizing Committee

Thank you, we look forward to another successful meeting.

Luis A. Aguirre, 3M Company
Kumar Arumugam, University of North Carolina-Charlotte
Marcin Bauza, ZEISS Industrial Quality Solutions
Raymond C. Cady, Corning
Jacob Cole, University of North Carolina-Charlotte
Tim Dalrymple, Independent
Mark Kosmowski, ESI
Byron Knapp, Professional Instruments Company
Robert Panas, LLNL
Nilabh Roy, Canon Nanotechnologies.
Stuart T. Smith, University of North Carolina-Charlotte
Alex Sohn, Facebook Reality Labs
Rafael Marangoni, NIST

Conference Chair
Marcin Bauza, ZEISS Industrial Quality Solutions

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