32nd Annual Meeting


October 29 – November 3, 2017
The Westin Charlotte
Charlotte, North Carolina, USA

Conference Chair:
Vivek G. Badami, Zygo Corporation

Keynote Address

Dr. Ir. Jelm Franse
Sr. Director Precision Mechanics, ASML Veldhoven, The Netherlands

Mr. Ken Bogursky
Sr. Director of Mechanical Development, ASML Wilton, CT USA

Precision Mechanics and Mechatronics in ASML Lithography Equipment; Key Drivers for the Continuation of Moore’s Law for Semiconductor Devices

Today’s litho machines have to provide (mixed machine) overlay in the order of a few nanometers, and output has to be hundreds of wafers per hour. This means that any physical effects that can be quantified are modeled and taken into account in feed forward compensation schemes, sensors, actuators and electronics have to be designed for ultimate speed and accuracy (repeatability). Dr. Ir. Franse’s and Mr. Bogursky’s presentation will include an overview of the semiconductor manufacturing process and the role of lithography in driving the semiconductor road map.  They will also present the main precision mechanical and mechatronic characteristics of the ASML Litho machines since 1984 up to today and into the future and discuss the main challenges of both systems operating in atmospheric conditions and in vacuum.


Jelm Franse obtained his MsC in Metals Science from Delft University in 1984. He started his career at Philips Research in the field of Tribology and Precision Engineering, working on precision manufacturing of optical components. From 1987 to 1989 he worked at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory as part of a knowledge exchange program between Philips and LLNL.

In 1992 after finishing his PhD thesis on precision grinding at Eindhoven University of Technology as result of his research in this area for Philips, Dr. Ir. Franse transferred to the Philips Center for Manufacturing Technology. He started there as Group-Leader within the Mechatronics Department and subsequently became Department Manager of various departments and eventually Vice President of Philips CFT Sector Systems. In 2004 he transferred to Philips Lighting as Innovation Manager for Solid State Lighting.

In 2006 Dr. Ir. Franse became Executive Vice President of Singulus Mastering, responsible for all company activities except Sales and After Sales Service.  In 2009 he joined Etel/Heidenhain as Advanced Development Manager, and in 2010, he joined ASML as Senior Director Mechanics, responsible for all mechanical precision modules in ASML machines.

Ken Bogursky, in his past 17 years at ASML,  has developed a vast array of mechatronic modules used to manipulate the intense beam of UV light used for lithographic exposure.  Some of these systems contained over 50 degrees of freedom with millisecond move times and sub-micron accuracy.