Technical Leadership Committees

Our society is initiating a new approach for tracking technical progress in precision engineering and in managing how we share these advances with our members. This is a culmination of many discussions with members and much planning among past and current leaders. The most exciting outcome of this is an opportunity for all members, ranging from the newest to the most senior, to regularly discuss interesting and relevant technology (perhaps electronically) with peers and plan how this is shared among the membership. Beginning in Austin in 2015, we are inviting ASPE members to join one or more of six Technical Leadership Committees (TLCs). These committees are listed here along with their current leaders. As we progress into the future, the committees will be chaired by Directors-at- Large who are elected to these roles, but in this initial period we are grateful for shared leadership with senior members. We are looking to each committee to fulfill a set of needs for the society that are summarized in the following table. Each of the committees will develop its own personality and its own way of meeting these needs. During the past year, we have formulated an overall vision for how these committees will contribute to the overall society. This is intended to be a dynamic environment, where topics emphasized by the committees can evolve, and even the number of committees can change. The topics chosen for the committees are in the spirit of core technologies which have a long-term importance to precision engineering. Applications of these technologies can be represented within the committees and can then easily evolve on a shorter time scale based on the challenging and commercially hot topics of the day. In this package, each committee has prepared a brief White Paper that provides some details of their goals and contact information for the leaders. During the luncheon on Tuesday of this meeting, a table is reserved for each of these committees. During or after lunch, we invite you to talk to committee leaders in areas relevant to your interests and consider joining. During the past year, some committees have had a chance to gain momentum while others are still forming. In all cases, we wholeheartedly invite newer members to take advantage of this opportunity to help lead within these technical areas that are so vital to ASPE’s future.

The Technical Leadership Committees are as follows.  Read about each Technical Leadership Committee.

  • Precision Manufacturing
  • Metrology Systems
  • Characterization
  • Precision Design
  • Micro and Nano Technologies
  • Controls and Mechatronics