Photo courtesy of Aerotech.

About ASPE

The precision engineering toolbox includes design methodology, uncertainty analysis (error budgeting), metrology, calibration/error compensation, precision controls and actuators/sensors. ASPE’s enabling technologies include but are not limited to the following industries: microelectronics, automotive, optics and photonics, MEMS, nanotechnology, defense and machine tools. ASPE focuses on many areas of interests that are important in the research, design, development, manufacture and measurement of high accuracy components and systems. These areas are as follows:

  • Controls
  • Dimensional Metrology
  • Environmental Effects
  • History of Precision Engineering
  • Instrument/Machine Design
  • Interferometry
  • Materials
  • Materials Processing
  • Nanotechnology
  • Optical Fabrication
  • Precision Optics
  • Precision Replication
  • Scanning Microscopes
  • Semiconductor Processing
  • Standards
  • Surface Metrology
  • Ultra-Precision Machining

ASPE members represent a variety of technical areas – from engineering (mechanical, electrical, optical and industrial) to materials science, physics, chemistry, mathematics and computer science – and are employed in industry, academia and national labs. ASPE holds its Annual Meeting in the fall of each year. At least one topical meeting is held each year, which focuses on a specific topic…