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      The sinker, also known as a two-seam fastball, is a highly effective pitch in baseball that induces ground balls and creates challenges for hitters. When thrown correctly, the sinker moves downward and inward, making it challenging for batters to make solid contact and leading to groundouts. Mastering the art of throwing a sinker requires proper grip, mechanics, and understanding the principles behind the pitch. In this article, we will explore the techniques and steps to help you develop a devastating sinker and become a more effective pitcher on the mound.

      how to throw sinker

      The sinker is a variant of the fastball that has a natural downward movement. Unlike the four-seam fastball, which typically moves in a straight line with minimal vertical or horizontal break, the sinker has a late-breaking downward motion due to its grip and spin. This movement makes it a potent weapon for inducing ground balls and keeping hitters off balance.

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