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Video translation is not a challenging work; in fact, it is identical to written translation with the exception of the absence of printed text. Which, incidentally, drives up the price of such a service by a factor of several when compared to a standard translation. Next, let’s consider the possibility of having a video in a translation company be converted from English to Russian. Since it is not a difficult service to give, practically every business offers it. In such a company, placing an order is really simple and easy. The company management will respond to you on the price and turnaround time of the translation if you send a link to a video or audio recording to the company’s email. Additionally, you’ll get a physical copy of the finished product or a link to it by mail. Although pricey, it is quite convenient. Additionally, you can utilise a specific video dubbing website to save the cost of dubbing and shorten the turnaround time.

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