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Proceedings of ASPE’s Annual and Topical Meetings are published by ASPE. Copies are available through ASPE Headquarters. Beginning with the Fall 1999 Proceedings, copies are also available on CD-ROM.

For members, All Proceedings can be accessed on line in the Members Only section of this website. For most Proceedings after 1999, a PDF version of a specific paper can be obtained from this website. If you are not a member, you can search all of the Proceedings with the exception of the most recent 2 years.

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Proceedings of the Annual Meetings (1988-2010):
$105 for ASPE Members, $115 for Non Members

Proceedings of the Annual Meetings (1986-1987):
$10 for ASPE Members, $20 for Non Members

Proceedings of the Topical Meetings:
$40 for ASPE Members, $55 for Non Members

CD Versions of the Annual Meeting Proceedings of 2000 and after can be purchased for $35 for ASPE Members and $45 for Non Members.

  • February 2018:  Precision Engineering for Micro and Nanotechnologies
  • October – November 2017: Proceedings of the 32nd Annual Meeting
  • April 2017:  Precision Engineering and Optics:  What are the limits of precision, and how to characterize them?
  • October 2016: Proceedings of the 31st Annual Meeting
  • June 2016: Dimensional Accuracy and Surface Finish in Additive Manufacturing
  • April 2016: Precision Mechatronic System Design and Control
  • November 2015:  Proceedings of the 30th Annual Meeting
  • July 2015:  Precision Interferometric Metrology
  • April 2015:  Achieving Precision Tolerances in Additive Manufacturing
  • November 2014:  Proceedings of the 29th Annual Meeting
  • June 2014:  Manufacture and Metrology of Freeform and Off-Axis Aspheric Surfaces
  • April 2014:  Dimensional Accuracy and Surface Finish in Additive Manufacturing
  • October 2013:  Proceedings of the 28th Annual Meeting
  • April 2013: Precision Control for Advanced Manufacturing Systems
  • October 2012: Proceedings of the 27th Annual Meeting
  • June 2012: Precision Engineering and Mechatronics Supporting the Semiconductor Industry
  • November 2011:  Proceedings of the 26th Annual Meeting
  • March 2011: Structured and Freeform Surfaces
  • November 2010:  Proceedings of the 25th Annual Meeting
  • June 2010:  Precision Interferometric Metrology
  • April 2010:  Control of Precision Systems
  • October 2009:  Proceedings of the 24th Annual Meeting
  • July 2009: The Economies of Precision Engineering
  • April 2009: Mechanical Metrology and Measurement Uncertainty
  • October 2008: Proceedings of the 23rd Annual Meeting
  • April 2008: Precision Mechanical Design and Mechatronics for Sub-50nm Semiconductor Equipment
  • October 2007: Proceedings of the 22nd Annual Meeting
  • June 2007: Precision Bearings and Spindles
  • April 2007: Vibration Assisted Machining Technology
  • October 2006: Proceedings of the 21st Annual Meeting
  • May 2006: Challenges at the Intersection of Precision Engineering and Vacuum Technology
  • October 2005: Proceedings of the 20th Annual Meeting
  • July 2005: Precision Interferometric Metrology
  • April 2005: Precision Micro/Nano Scale Polymer Based Component and Device Fabrication
  • October 2004: Proceedings of ASPE 19th Annual Meeting
  • June-July 2004: Uncertainty Analysis in Measurement and Design
  • April 2004: Control of Precision Systems
  • February 2004: Free-Form Optics: Design, Fabrication, Metrology, Assembly
  • October 2003: Proceedings of ASPE 18th Annual Meeting
  • June 2003: Coordinate Measuring Machines
  • January 2003: Machines and Processes for Micro-scale and Meso-scale Fabrication, Metrology and Assembly
  • October 2002: Proceedings of ASPE 17th Annual Meeting
  • June 2002: Tolerance Modeling and Analysis
  • April 2002: “Progress in Precision” (available in DVD only)
  • November 2001: Proceedings of ASPE 16th Annual Meeting
  • June, 2001: Precision Bearings and Spindles
  • April 2001: Control of Precision Systems
  • October 2000: Proceedings of ASPE 15th Annual Meeting
  • May 2000: Precision Interferometric Metrology (Abstracts)
  • October 1999: Proceedings of ASPE Fourteenth Annual Conference
  • April 1999: Precision Fabrication and Replication
  • October 1998: Proceedings of ASPE Thirteenth Annual Conference
  • April 1998: Silicon Machining
  • October 1997: Proceedings of ASPE Twelfth Annual Conference
  • June 1997: Advances in Surface Metrology
  • November 1996: Proceedings of ASPE Eleventh Annual Conference
  • June 1996: Precision Grinding of Brittle Materials
  • October 1995: Proceedings of ASPE Tenth Annual Conference
  • April 1995: Micrometer-Tolerance Assembly of Macroscopic Structures
  • October 1994: Proceedings of ASPE Ninth Annual Conference
  • Apirl 1994: Mechanisms and Controls for Ultraprecision Motion
  • November 1993: Proceedings of ASPE Eighth Annual Conference
  • April 1993: Principles of Cutting Mechanics: Application to Ultra-Precision Machining and Grinding
  • October 1992: Proceedings of ASPE Seventh Annual Conference
  • April 1992: Precision Interferometric Metrology
  • October 1991: Proceedings of ASPE Sixth Annual Conference
  • April 1991: Metal Platings for Precision Finishing Operations
  • September 1990: Proceedings of ASPE Fifth Annual Conference
  • September 1989: 5th International Precision Engineering Seminar and 4th Annual Meeting of the American Society for Precision Engineering (2-volume set)
  • April 1989: Sub-Surface Damage in Glass
  • October 1998: Proceedings and Agenda of Third Annual Precision Engineering Conference
  • November 1987: Abstracts and Agenda of Second Annual Precision Engineering Conference
  • November 1986: Thresholds in Precision Engineering—Abstracts and Agenda of the First ASPE Conference