33rd Annual Meeting


Sunday – Friday, November 4 – November 9, 2018
Red Rock Casino • Resort • Spa
Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Conference Chair:
Kate M. Medicus, Ruda Cardinal, Inc.

Tours & Outings

Sightseeing Tours – Monday, November 5, 2018 (Concurrent tours in the morning)

Mini Baja Experience – Sun buggy Tour

Whether you’re a photo buff or adrenaline junkie, want to ride thru the desert on a 400cc ATV, driving your own buggy or ride with a guide, Sun Buggy has the adventure for you! The goal is to deliver an unforgettable off-the-road experience.

This is a fast-paced and not for the weak at heart adventure. In approximately 90 minutes, you will travel between 10-35 MPH over what is described as very aggressive and challenging terrain. Safety Policy mandates all participants wearing a full face helmet and a four point harness at all times while driving the course.

Four hours                                                                 $375 / person


Dig This!

Enjoy time playing in the big boy’s sand box. Select from excavators, Bulldozers, 6-ton excavators, and Skid Steers to drive. Move 2,000 pound tires, dig deep trenches, reshape the sandbox and teeter atop a giant mound of sand. We will offer two, 30-minute rotations on the 9 pieces of equipment, or a total of 27 “rides”. Each guest gets a minimum of 30 minutes of operating time during each rotation.

A minimum of 12 participants is required for this tour to operate.

Four hours                                                                 $195 / person


Las Vegas Introduction

Viva Las Vegas! Stop for a photo before cruising down the infamous Strip. Learn about all the new mega resorts and their interesting and unique features as well as historical tidbits about the city’s notorious past. Notable landmarks will be highlighted as we tour through town. Stop at the Mob Museum and hear of the thrilling stories of organized crime and law enforcement. It presents an authentic view of the mob’s impact on Las Vegas history and its unique imprint on the world.


Four hours                                               $150 / person


Technical Tours – Friday, November 9, 2018 (Concurrent tours in the morning)

The Bellagio Fountains

Deep in what’s called the Batcave, about 30 Bellagio staff members toil in one of a kind vehicles, masks and dive suits to ensure the Fountains of Bellagio keep running.

The Batcave has several boats, two of which the staff built to serve the attraction’s very specific needs. One serves as a mobile filtering system and the other is a barge with a winch for moving the fountain’s water cannons. Each cannon weights up to 1,800 pounds each.

All staff are scuba certified. The entire area covers 9 acres with an average pool depth of 7 feet. There are 20-22 million gallons of water emitting through 12,00 individual devices

Four hours                             $95 / person


The Palazzo – MEGA Resort Efficiency Tour

Located on the Vegas Strip, the Palazzo Resort is part of master-planned development which combines The Palazzo and the Sands Expo and Convention Center to form the largest LEED-rated building on the planet. Join us on a “behind the curtain” tour for a look at the Palazzo, with visits to the hotel Atrium, a luxury suite completed with energy efficient lighting and low water-use fixtures, the kitchen, recycling center and innovative cooling system. Learn how the Vegas gigantic luxury resorts capitalize on scale and know-how to be more efficient on a per-room basis.

3.5 hours                                $75 / person


Project NEON

Known as the largest public works project in Nevada history, project NEON will widen 3.7 miles of Interstate 15 in the busiest stretch of high in Nevada. The project anticipates that traffic will double by 2035 in this area. NDOT expects that this project will improve safety, reduce confection, reduce travel delays, create jobs as well as improve air quality and freeway operations. The project is budgeted to cost approximately $900 million. We will experience a behind the scenes view of the project in progress and give attendees an opportunity to talk with the project engineers.

* NOTE-Guests should wear long pants, long sleeves and hiking boots. Hard hats, safety vest and safety glasses will be provided.

Four hours                             $95 / person