33rd Annual Meeting


Sunday – Friday, November 4 – November 9, 2018
Red Rock Casino • Resort • Spa
Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Conference Chair:
Kate M. Medicus, Optimax Systems, Inc.

ASPE Commercial Exhibition

Industries represented at the ASPE Annual Meeting include medicine, semiconductors, microelectronics, telecommunications, automotive, optics and photonics, MEMS, nanotechnology, aerospace and defense and machine tools.  All of these industries have a need to understand and use precision engineering principles and techniques, and the ASPE Commercial Exhibition can help these industries achieve the precision necessary to improve quality and performance. Technologies represented at the ASPE Exhibition include

  • Precision motion, including both macro and micro systems
  • Motion control systems, including electronics and software
  • Dimensional metrology sensor and tools including surface and form metrology
  • Calibration tools, artifacts and software
  • Diamond turning and precision grinding machines
  • Latest materials, including glass, metals and ceramics
  • Software for design, simulation and inspection
  • Environmental control, including temperature and vibration

2018 Exhibitors

Aerotech, Inc.
Booth 110

Booth 212

Ametek Precitech
Booth 202

Micro-LAM, Inc.
Booth 210

Äpre Instruments
Booth 125

Moore Nanotechnology Systems
Booth 217

ASM Pacific Technology
Booth 222

New Way Air Bearings
Booth 124

Attocube Systems, Inc.
Booth 218

N. C. State University
Booth 207

Booth 123

Optical Perspectives Group
Booth 104

Bilz Vibration Technology
Booth 108

Physik Instrumente
Booth 102

Carl Zeiss Industrial Metrology
Booth 118

Polytec, Inc.
Booth 225

Carl Zeiss Microscopy
Booth 120

Precision Environments, Inc.
Booth 208

Chardon Tool
Booth 227

Prior Scientific/Queensgate
Booth 225

Contour Fine Tooling
Booth 216

Professional Instruments Company
Booth 101

Corning Tropel Corporation
Booth 116

Riverhawk Company
Booth 205

Cranfield Precision
Div. Fives Landis Ltd. Booth 209

Schneider Optical Machines
Booth 203

Heidenhain Corporation
Booth 220

SmarAct, Inc.
Booth 206

K & Y Diamond
Booth 223

Starrett Tru-Stone Technologies
Booth 106

Kaman Precision Products
Booth 224

TOWA USA Corporation
Booth 107

Keyence Corporation
Booth 117

Booth 221

Kriterion, LLC
Booth 219

Vermont Photonics Technologies
Booth 229

Lion Precision
Booth 201

Yasda Precision America
Booth 122

Booth 102

Zygo Corporation
Booth 231