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Meet with Leading Manufacturers at ASPE Annual Meeting, November 13-18.

The 26th ASPE Annual Meeting is only six weeks away.

One highlight of the ASPE Annual Meeting is the opportunity to meet with leading manufacturers at the commercial exhibit, a popular aspect of the Annual Meeting.

Commercially available equipment saves you time and money. These suppliers also give you access to high-level professionals who can join with your team and help develop a broad of range of solutions beyond your company's core competencies. For these reasons and more, ASPE Annual Meeting attendees spend significant time talking with the companies represented in the commercial exhibit.

Please click here to view the growing list of exhibitors who will be present in Denver.

If you would like to exhibit at ASPE, please contact Erika at 919.839.8444.

The 26th ASPE Annual Meeting is being held November 13 to 18 in Denver CO. Besides the commercial exhibit, twenty-one professional development tutorials, and over one hundred fifty high-level technical papers and posters are all included. Please refer to the attached brochure and website for detailed information.

Register for the Meeting now by clicking here and avoid late registration fees. The housing deadline is October 14. Reserve your room directly with the hotel to obtain the ASPE rate.

We look forward to seeing you in Denver.

Tom Dow, Executive Director


System performance depends on material selection. For each component, material must be considered to optimize its function. The homogeneous use of material throughout the system is desired though to minimize stresses due to thermal variations and loads.

Material choice continues to grow; this growth increases the challenge to select the optimal material, while benefiting the designer with improved material properties. When choosing a material the following properties need to be considered: Thermal expansion, thermal diffusivity, specific stiffness, specific damping capacity, modulus of elasticity, radiant emissivity, long term stability, corrosion resistance, material and manufacturing costs.

PATTERN #6: Choose the material properties relevant to the design and compute a figure of merit for quantifiable properties. Final material selection is based on this figure of merit, plus the inclusion of importance weighing of parameters difficult to quantify comparatively, such as cost.


*Based on "Patterns for Precision Instrument Design", a classic ASPE tutorial by C. Teague, C. Evans and later D. Swyt. It uniquely identifies 12 foundational mechanical concepts or patterns driving precision in fabrication, assembly and metrology.

The American Society for Precision Engineering promotes the future of manufacturing in America by advancing precision engineering; though supporting education; and encouraging the development and application of precision principles.

ASPE, founded in 1986, is a non-profit organization.

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